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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old: Oliver Twist
Something new: Equip earrings
Something borrowed: vintage dress borrowed from my Etsy store
Something blue: vintage navy Bally loafers

This is one of my new favourite dresses!  I found this little beauty in a teensy corner vintage store in Bangkok while visitng my grand uncle over christmas last year.  How cool is the gradient of the different shades of blue on the dress?!  I love this dress so much, I nicked it from my Etsy store and have decided to keep it for myself.  It isn't illegal to steal from yourself, you know!

*gasp* It's raining!!! Finally, a cooler night!

I'm wearing a lovely pair of Bally loafers sent to me by the gorgeous Kylie.  They're quite big for me but in damsel-in-distress times like these, my heroes - my insoles - always come to my rescue.  I know I can always count on them! Pin It


Peachy Keen said...

What a pretty dress the colour looks amazing on you!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

That is a really beautiful dress!
Daisy Dayz

Fashionistable said...

Lovely post. Great shots. Xxxx

chantilly said...

oooh, the dress is so pretty and these are some gorgeous shots :) xoxo

Dilan Dilir said...

the dress you´re wearing is really cute!

Ana said...

That dress is beyond amazing! You look so cute in it!!


trishie said...

Beautiful dress! Perfect in so many ways.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Pretty frock I'd steal it too hehe. I have a pair of shoes that are too big even though they're my size. Are insoles miracle workers? xx

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Love that gorgeous collared dress!

Lucija said...

Your blog is fantastic!!


Luna S said...

that dress is absolutely precious! one of my favorites i've seen in a while actually. sounds like you do a lot of traveling, and that's awesome! make sure you visit singapore lots, it's amazing here. thanks for your adorable comments love! following back x


rach_t said...

this is such a pretty blue dress! the colour is wonderful on you. The photos are wonderful too, glad to have found your lovely blog :D

Veronica said...

beautifull dress! its a lovely color! I love your blog I am now following!

Maria- CityLaundry said...

i love love this dress! you have such a lovely blog dear, i'm so happy i came across it!


Nikki said...

You look lovely- the colour is beautiful:) Xx

silhouette said...

adore your style!

Joyce said...

Your dress is beautiful, I absolutely love the blue color and those shoes look really great with it :) Also, congratulations on being featured on teen vogue from the post above! now following.

Tealia Carriere said...

the blue dress looks just darling on you! love the earrings and congrads on being featured! :)

Jennifer said...

Love that color blue - perfect for spring!

xo Jennifer