3 Sep 2013

Outfit: Oranges and Lemons

Jumper: vintage, Pants: Zara
I woke up this morning and just knew I wanted to dust off my neglected, little blog.  I've been so busy planning for the next chapter of my life that writing about 'the yesterday' seemed so unappealing.  Well, it has now come to the point where I'm waiting on a few people and their decisions so I'm back blogging!  I must say that I have missed photographing my daily outfits.
 Anyway, our orange and lemon trees did too well last winter... as in the case every winter!  If you live in Perth, feel free to pop by for some free citrus next year :)
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7 Jul 2013

Trippies: A Trip Back In Time, Guaranteed

Why flock to Orchard Road when there are spaces like trippies dotted around the little island of Singapore?!  Step in and I promise you, you will be transported back decades!  Singapore's secondhand shopping scene has always been in existence but in the last few years, with the huge revival of vintage fashion and style, it has become 'cool' to own something grandma did in her youth.

trippies (a brand that includes the shop, a cafĂ© and a mini museum) is housed in one of terraced two-storey shop houses located on Bussorah Street, the most 'touristy' street in Arab Street; just a stone's throw away from Sultan Mosque.

Be prepared to get 'kidnapped' for a bit by the ever-enthusiastic, at times over-persuasive, Mr Ang, who owns this little gem of a store.

The store also sells a limited range of vintage jewellery and accessories

It was this display window that first caught my eye.  Unlike the many London and Perth-based vintage shops, the vintage shops in Singapore carry a wide range of unique-to-Singapore items, reminiscent of the good, old kampung (village) days.  This picture was what my childhood looked like in traditional toys and games.  These toys were played by children in the 50s to 70s.  (I'll explore the local toys in a separate post)

So if you find yourself on this tiny red dot of an island, do make a quick 'trippy' to trippies!  Even if it's just to get a picture sitting in the car of the scooter out the back!

(picture courtesy of Mr Ang)
This is not a sponsored post.  I have, in no way, been compensated for writing this entry.

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3 Jul 2013

Things Go Better With Coke

We found one of the most adorable vintage collectables store, by chance, yesterday.  This photo was taken by the owner.  More pictures of the store in the next post.

Dress: vintage, Bag: vintage, Loafers: vintage!

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30 Jun 2013

Outfit Post: Monochrome Oranges

 Jumper: vintage (was mum's at one point), Pants: Valleygirl, Heels: vintage LINEA FRANCO (for sale here)
For now, it's goodbye Perth and hello Singapore!
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27 May 2013

Outfit: Pink Slacks and Vintage Knick Knacks

I could not have spent my first weekend out, or weekend free, rather, in a month, better!  I probably could also not use more commas in a single sentence!  On Saturday, I attended a little vintage clearance sale that was on not too far from where I live and I spent Sunday in Fremantle where the Vintage, Vixens & Vamps Fair was being held.  Having already bought a jumper (which I am completely and utterly in love with and have already worn out to dinner) and two dresses at the first sale, I made sure to be careful with what was left of my weekend budget at the next one.  I obviously ended up being too careful because I didn't get anything.  Shock, horror!  See, when I want everything, I usually purchase nothing...  I'm funny like that. |  My pink pants seem to be my go to pair for vintage-hunting.  Okay, I admit I planned to wear my cornflower blue pair but Casper decided that he would scrunch it up into a comfy kitty bed while I was in the shower.  I figured that since I wore this pair on both my trips to Portobello Road (as sad as this sounds) last year and uncovered SO MUCH vintage, more than I could comfortably carry back, it must be dusted with vintage-fairy-dust of some sort!  I was sure to chance on incredible vintage if I wore this pair.  Well, I won't repeat myself...
Oh yes, I should probably also say that I'm officially (yes, this is an official announcement) back on the blogging bandwagon and this time, for a while.  Last week also saw the revival of my Etsy store, yay!  I've acquired an enormous amount of vintage over the past few months which I will be stocking periodically.
Wearing - Shirt: vintage (thrifted), Pants: Jay Jays, Bag: vintage (used to belong to Mum), Socks and Heeled Oxfords: Singapore markets

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8 May 2013

Summer 2012 - 2013 Recap!

Hello lovelies ! Yes, I am alive!

Apologies for being a blogging-absentee lately.  I have been slowly (and painfully) working through this mountain of assignments I have.  It's interesting how inspiration always comes at the worst possible time - when you are frantically trying to complete an essay that's due in in 3 hours!!!   I must admit, it is so annoying not being able to work on ideas as soon as they pop into my head.  It's been too long a stay in Struggle-town and I'm more than eager to leave.  Here I am sitting in the sitting room (because that's what you do in sitting rooms, duh!), surrounded by library material and research journals stacked up to my eyebrows.  There is barely any exposed floor space around me and because of this, I know two people who, too, cannot wait for me to hand these papers in!  And, oh yes, we've all been ill.  Gosh! We. Have. Been. Ill!  I've reached my coughing quota for the next three years.

On a positive note, I finally bought myself a dSLR, after years of contemplating (I'm funny like that).  I've also acquired lots of wonderful vintage pieces lately which I am itching to share with all of you.  Many of them will end up in the store, eventually.

I promise this space won't be dead for much longer. Until then, here's a quick recap of last Summer:

  • I joined the 21st century! (bought a phone with a colour screen, internet access and an inbox that can store more than 8 text messages!)
  • I earned my official driver's licence (and my picture on it looks pretty decent too!)
  • We trawled antique shops on weekends and found great buys at even better prices
  • We explored more of the Swan Valley
  • I found some lovely vintage pieces for the store (which will be added as soon as this week of madness is over)
  • We visited Hanoi, North Vietnam (pictures soon)
  • I spent a few short weeks at home in Singapore
  • I started a new part-time job to fit in with my university hours
  • I treated myself to a dSLR (finally...)
  • We visited Medina and Mecca, Saudi Arabia over the Easter break (lots of pictures to come!)

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